The Event Feed and the Item Log might seem similar, but they're actually quite different.

The Event Feed is where you can see every check-in and check-out done via the mobile app at your property in real time. Check-ins and check-outs ("events") appear in chronological order. 

The Event Feed is the first place images go before Package Zen extracts information from the items' shipping labels and assigns them to recipients at your property:

The Item Log is where you can view images and information for fully processed items. 

After Package Zen extracts recipients' information from the images taken with your device, the images go to the Item Log:

This is where you can look up individual items and view important information, including:

The name of the item's recipient
Whether the item is checked in or checked out (status)
Dates an item was checked in or checked out
Images for an item's check-in and/or check-out
Whether a notification has been sent to a recipient
Tracking Number(s)
The recipient's signature 

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