Before you do anything else, make sure the person (or people) you'd like to be Staff exist have been added as People in Package Zen.

You won't be able to give a person Staff access unless they are a Person in Package Zen first.

Click "Staff" on the Left Navigation Menu to get to the Staff Page. 

Click "Add Staff." On the following page, search for the correct Person. Choose their name, add their contact information, and assign them a role. Hit "Add Staff" when you're done:

Return to the Staff Page. (Look for the "Back to All Staff" button.) You'll see a dropdown menu that says "Actions" to the left of the new Staff Member's name. Click on it and select "Manage Multi-Property Access":

Then you'll be able to assign or remove roles for the Staff Member at various properties in your organization. Hit the "Back to All Staff" button at the top right of the page when you're done:  

Why can't I give Staff in my organization multi-property access? 

Remember that only Organization Admins can grant multi-property access. More information about what each level of Staff can do can be found here

Can I just add a person from another property to my property's Package Zen account manually?

No. Do not add an employee from a different property this way. This will create a lot of confusion because they might already be Staff Members their property. Grant people from different properties multi-property access to avoid creating duplicate people or records. 

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