Multiple notifications can be sent if you add additional contact addresses to a Person's Profile.

If the person receives email notifications, a notification will be sent to every email address listed in their Person Profile. If a person receives SMS messages, an SMS will be sent to every mobile phone number in their Person Profile.

Learn more about updating contact information here.

Why can't Package Zen send an email AND an SMS notification for the same delivery?

Blasting out notifications through as many channels as possible seems like the best way to make sure recipients know that a new delivery is waiting for them, right?

We thought so too, at first. We were wrong.

It turns out that sending email and SMS notifications simultaneously leads to (significantly) longer, not shorter pickup times. Send too many notifications and it seems that people tune them all out.
In addition, multiple message types to the same person cause confusion as recipients aren't sure if they got two deliveries or just one.

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