Property Managers and Organization Admins, follow these steps to add new Staff Members:

Click "Staff" in the Left Navigation Menu to get to the Staff Page

Then click the "Add Staff" button near the top right of the Staff Page

Select the person's name from the drop down "Person" menu. Their email will auto-populate in the "Email Address" textbox

Select the role you would like to assign the person and click "Add Staff."

Why can't I find the name of the person I want to add as a Staff Member?

This means they don't have a Person Profile in Package Zen. Here's how to create one:

  1. Click "Add Person" at the top of the People Page. Be sure to choose the "Add one person" option
  2. Enter the person's name on the next page and click "Create Person" 

This article goes into more detail about adding people to Package Zen. 

Once you've added the new person, follow the steps outlined previously to add them as a Staff Member.  

Why can't I add a Staff Member? 

Team Members cannot add Staff Members. Only Property Managers or Organization Admins can do this.

Property Managers can add Team Members and other Property Managers at their property but not Organization Admins.

Organization Admins can add all levels of Staff Members at any property in their organization.  

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