For a Person:

Go to your Dashboard and click "People":

You're now on the People List and can search for the correct person using their name or contact information: 

Click on the person's name to pull up their Person Profile. Click "Edit Contact Settings": 

Enter the new email address, phone number, or Slack handle in the text box under "Contact Info." Then click "Add":

If you see an old contact method you'd like to remove, click "Remove":

Check to make sure the person's Contact Preference is set to Email, SMS or Slack. If it already is, there's nothing else you need to do. 

If their Contact Preference is set to "OFF" change it to Email, SMS or Slack. Otherwise, they won't receive notifications.

Choose from the dropdown menu and hit "Save":

For a Group:

Click on "Groups" on the homepage of your Dashboard. This will pull up the Group Page, where you can search Groups in your property:

Click on the Group's name to get to their Group Profile. Click "Edit Contact Settings." You will see a text box where you can add new contact methods. Click "Add" when you are finished:

If you see any old contact methods you'd like to delete, click "Remove":

Make sure the Group's Contact Preference is set to Email, SMS or Slack to ensure that they receive notifications. If it's set to "Off" switch it to one of the aforementioned contact methods by choosing from the dropdown menu and hitting "Save":

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