Package Zen gives you the flexibility to add Staff Members to your account not just from your own property but from other properties within your organization. Here’s how to do that.

Who can add Staff Members from different properties to Package Zen?

The same rules for adding new Staff Members to Package Zen apply to adding Staff Members who work elsewhere in your organization:

  • Only Property Managers and Organization Admins can add People from different locations in your organization as Staff Members
  • Team Members cannot add new Staff Members

How do I add a Person as a Staff Member from a different location?

  • Go to to the Staff Page ❐ in your Package Zen Web Dashboard
  • Select "Add Staff "
  • Select the Person’s name from the Person dropdown menu, assign the Person a role, and select "Add Staff"

Don’t see the Person you want to add?

Make sure they’re added as a Person in Package Zen first

Can’t add a Property Manager or an Organization Admin?

If you’re a Property Manager, remember that you can add Team Members and other Property Managers but not Organization Admins. Organization Admins can add any kind of Staff Member in Package Zen.


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