Below are steps for updating email addresses for People and Groups. These same steps can also be used to update other contact info. 

For a Person:

Go to the Left Navigation Menu and click "People." You're now on the People Page and can find the right person using the "Search by Name" box:

Click on the person's name to pull up their Person Profile. Enter the new email address in the text box under "Contact Info." Then click the "Add" button on the right:

If you see an old email address you'd like to remove, click the small x next to the email address:

For a Group: 

Click on "Groups" in the Left Navigation Menu. This will pull up the Group Page, where you can search Groups in your property:

Click on the Group's name to get to their Group Profile. Look to the right side of the Group Profile for "Contact Info." You will see a text box where you can add the new email address. Click "Add" when you are finished:

If you see any old email addresses you'd like to remove, click the small "x"s next to them to do so. 

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