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Use Advanced Search to find any information on a shipping label

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There are two types of searches you can do in your Item Log: Regular and Advanced.

Advanced vs Regular Search

Regular Search lets you search for an item with:

  • Recipient's Name

  • Tracking Number

  • Status

  • Carrier

  • Date

But Advanced Search lets you use ANY text printed on a shipping label to search for items.

Using Advanced Search

Select "Switch to Advanced Search" in your Item Log to get started.

Now you can search for an item using any text as it’s printed on the shipping label.

Here are some examples of searches you could try in Advanced Search:

  • Find all the items sent to you from Chicago by searching for the word "Chicago."

  • Look for items with a particular purchase order number by using that order number.

  • You can also use an item's tracking number, but make sure any spaces in the tracking numbers are included.


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