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Set up Automatic Reminder Notifications for items that have not been picked up

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What are Automatic Reminder Notifications and how do they work?

Package Zen can send Automatic Reminder Notifications at specific times of day and on specific days of the week for items that haven’t been picked up.

Automatic Reminder Notifications are sent for items that show as Checked-In in your Item Log. One Automatic Reminder is sent per item.

All you have to do is choose which time and which days Automatic Reminders are sent. Package Zen triggers Automatic Reminder Notifications … automatically.

Which locations can use Automatic Reminder Notifications?

Automatic Reminder Notifications are for properties that keep track of which items are still in their custody. If you check in and check out items through the Package Zen Mobile App, then you can use Automatic Reminder Notifications.

What’s in Automatic Reminder Notifications?

Each Automatic Reminder includes all the information included in the initial delivery notification. Automatic Reminder Notifications also have a button that the recipient can click to confirm that they’ve picked the item up if it was never checked out.

How often should I send Automatic Reminder Notifications?

Less is More.

We recommend sending Automatic Reminder Notifications 1 or 2 times per week. No more.

The purpose of Automatic Reminder Notifications is to have the recipients come and pick up their deliveries as quickly as possible.

Sending Automatic Reminders every day might seem like the best way to do so. It is not.

When you send too many Automatic Reminders recipients start to ignore and block ALL Package Zen notifications, not just Automatic Reminders.

When you set up Automatic Reminders, start off by sending out 1 per week at first. If pickup speeds don’t improve, add an additional weekly notification or test a different time of day.

We strongly recommend sending no more than 3 reminders per week. You'll start to see slow downs and declines in pickup rates if you send more than 3 reminders per week.

How do I set up Automatic Reminder Notifications?

  • Go to the Settings Page in your Dashboard and select Notifications

  • Enable Reminders

  • Choose the time and days of the week that reminders will go out

Don’t see the option to set up Automatic Reminder Notifications?

Get in touch with our support team at and we’ll help you get reminders set up.


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