**Please note that this isn’t a replacement for Check Outs on the mobile app. This should only be used when your staff forgets to check out an item with the mobile app**

Here's what to do if a Staff Member forgets to check out an item with the Package Zen Mobile App but can confirm they no longer have that item:

Go to your Item Log and click on the item's ID number to pull up its Item Detail Page

Select "Actions," followed by "Confirm How Item Left Your Custody"

  • Answer the questions about who picked up the item, what time the item was picked up, and who gave the item to the recipient

  • You can also add any additional information you have in the “Notes” section (eg. why the item was unable to be checked out)

  • Select Manually Confirm Item Out of Custody

The item’s status will change from Checked In to Staff Confirmed if you entered all the relevant information about the item. If not, then the item’s status will change to Staff Resolved.

More information about Item Statuses can be found here.


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