When Package Zen doesn't have contact information for a recipient at your property, you'll receive an email requesting that recipient's contact information. Here's what to do when you receive one of these emails.

Look for emails with the subject line "ATTN-Please Forward"

This is an example of an email request for contact information from us:

Forward all emails with the subject line "ATTN-Please Forward" to the correct recipients and CC help@packagezen.com -- do not CC any other email addresses

Forwarding these emails automatically updates recipients' contact information. Ignoring these emails prevents recipients' contact information from updating and stops notifications from being sent.Β 

We send all of our requests for contact information to your property's Operational Contact. Here's how to find out who that is:

  • Look for Notification Types under Property Contacts

  • The email address that receives Operations notifications is the Operational Contact for your property:


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