These five reasons are the cause of 99.99% of internet connection issues our users encounter.

Unable to connect to your property’s WiFi


Wrong network or Typo-ed or incorrect WiFi password.


  • Double check you’re trying to connect to the correct WiFi network. Many organizations have multiple networks with very similar names.

  • Entering the password slowly and carefully solves the problem over half of the time. The keyboards on most devices are very small and it’s easy to make a mistake.

  • If you still can’t connect to your WiFi, check with your IT department that you have the updated WiFi password.

Entering the WiFi password every time you use the device


The Auto-Join WiFi setting is OFF


Turn your Auto-Join WiFi setting on by connecting to your WiFi Network. Then Select “Settings” → “Wi-Fi” → and tap the (i) icon on the right next to the name of your WiFi Network. Then turn the “Auto-Join” setting on.

Connected to WiFi but images will not sync


Your IT department most likely requires an additional sign-in step after connecting to WiFi to allow you to connect to the internet.


Reboot your device, connect to your WiFi, and follow the sign-in steps. Once signed in, visit on your device to make sure you are connected to the internet.

Guest or Visitor WiFi is Very Slow


Your IT department sets limits on your Guest or Visitor WiFi network.


Many IT departments put limits on Guest or Visitor WiFi use - for example, only allowing access for a certain number of weeks or at limited speeds. Since Package Zen is part of your property’s business operations, ask your IT department to connect your Package Zen devices to a WiFi network that allows for uninterrupted business operations.

WiFi speed is great but images are syncing very, very slowly


Your IT department may have social media blocking software on your network that mistakes Package Zen’s images for that of a photo-sharing app.


Email and put us in touch with your IT department so they can flip a switch and allow Package Zen images to sync freely.


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