Click "People" on the homepage of your Dashboard to get to the People List:

Then click "Add Person" at the top right of the People List: 

Two options will drop down. Choose "Add one person":

Enter the new person's first and last names. You can also add nicknames or maiden names in the "Alternate names" fields. Click "Save" when you're finished:

This will create a profile for the new person:

If the new person has a Group, click "Edit Group Membership" to add their group to their profile:

 Be sure to update their contact info and preferences:

I added a new Person to Package Zen. Does this mean they can start checking in items now?

No. Adding someone as a Person to Package Zen doesn't mean they can use the mobile app or access the Dashboard. It just means they now have a record in Package Zen. 

If you'd like the Person you added to be able to log items and access the Dashboard, they'll have to be made a Staff Member. 

The good news is that once someone is a Person in Package Zen, it's quick and easy to make them a Staff Member. Click here for more information about adding Staff to Package Zen. 

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