Organization Admins, follow these instructions to control where Staff Members can use Package Zen within your organization.

If you just want to add a new Staff Member at your property, click here.

Or if you want to add a new Staff Member from a different location within your organization, click here.

Click "Staff" on the Left Navigation Menu

Look for the Staff Member whose access you'd like to change. You'll see a dropdown menu that says "Actions" to the left of their name. Click on it and select "Manage Multi-Property Access"

Then you'll be able to assign or remove roles for the Staff Member at various properties in your organization

Hit the "Back to All Staff" button at the top right of the page when you're done

Why can't I control where people use Package Zen in my organization? 

Remember that only Organization Admins can control where Staff Members use Package Zen. More information about what each level of Staff can do can be found here

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