Who can remove Staff Members

Property Managers and Organization Admins can modify other Staff Member's access to Package Zen.

Team Members cannot modify other Staff Member's access. If you are a Team Member ask a Property Manager or Organization Admin for help.

How to remove Staff Members

Access the Staff Page ❐ by clicking on "Staff" ❐ in the Left Navigation Menu

Click the Actions button to the left of the Staff Member's name and choose "Remove Access" from the dropdown menu:

Once the Staff Member is removed, they will no longer have access to the Package Zen Mobile App or your property's Dashboard. However, they will still be a Person in your Dashboard, just like any other recipient.

Why can't I see the "Remove Access" option?

Team Members cannot remove other Staff Members.

Property Managers can remove Team Members and other Property Managers. They cannot remove Organization Admins.

Organization Admins can remove Team Members, Property Managers, and other Organization Admins.

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