When NOT to add Nicknames

Do Not Add Common or Uncommon Nicknames

Package Zen handles over 40,000 first name nicknames and spelling variations automatically. You do not need to add nicknames to a person for virtually any common or uncommon nickname.

Do Not Add Another Person’s Name as a Nickname

In Package Zen each individual person has their own individual Person record. Creating combined records by adding another Person’s first and last name as nicknames will cause Package Zen to create inaccurate records and delay notifications. 


When to Add Nicknames

Only add nicknames when a Person uses a first name that is unrelated to their real first name.

Example of When to Add a Nickname

One of your recipients is named Wei Zhang but goes by Walter Zhang. You want to make sure that items addressed to Walter Zhang match to Wei Zhang.

How To Add a nickname:

  1. Navigate to Wei Zhang's Person Profile Page and select the Edit Person Name tab.
  2. Type "Walter" in the “Alternate first names” textbox and click Save.

Future deliveries addressed to Walter Zhang will automatically match to Wei Zhang

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