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Troubleshooting: Notifications Not Being Sent
Troubleshooting: Notifications Not Being Sent

Learn what to do if notifications aren’t being sent to recipients at your property

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Follow these steps to figure out what's going on if someone isn’t receiving Package Zen notifications:


Step One: Check to see if the recipient's Contact Preference is switched to “OFF"

  • If it's OFF, switch it to Default, Email, SMS, or Slack

  • Also make sure the recipient's Contact Info is correct

A recipient's Contact Preference can be set to OFF for two reasons:

  • Someone at your property logged into your Dashboard and switched the recipient's Contact Preference to OFF

  • Your staff has been ignoring Requests To Forward

Step Two: If the recipient has a Contact Preference and correct Contact Info, check to see if there is a duplicate record for that recipient in your Dashboard

  • Duplicate records for a recipient in your Dashboard can prevent the correct recipient from getting notifications. You can fix this with a merge.


If Steps One and Two do not resolve the issue, the recipient might not be receiving their notifications for the following reasons

  • Spam Filters: Have the recipient check their spam folder for Package Zen notifications

  • Image Quality Issues: Notifications won’t send if images taken at your property are too difficult to process (if they're too blurry, zoomed out too far, etc). Make sure every Package Zen Staff Member at your property completes the tutorial on the mobile app so they understand how to capture images correctly. 

  • Items are checked out and not checked in: Package Zen doesn't send notifications for Check Outs, so if an item was checked out instead of checked in it won't trigger a notification. You can see if item was checked out instead of checked in by searching for it in your Item Log

If you've encountered none of these issues and a recipient still isn't getting their notifications, reach out to us at 


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