Team Members, Property Managers, and Organization Admins can do all of these things:

  • Use the mobile app to check in and check out items
  • Access the Dashboard
  • Change their passwords
  • Create reports
  • Add or remove People and Groups
  • Change contact methods and preferences
  • Change their property's settings
  • Create or edit templates. 

Team Members cannot add Staff to Package Zen. They can add People using the Dashboard, but they can't add those People as Staff Members.

Property Managers
can add or remove other Property Managers and Team Members. The can't add or remove Organization Admins.

Organization Admins add or remove other Organization Admins, as well as Team Members and Property Managers. They can also control where other Staff Members can use Package Zen within an organization. 

See your Dashboard's Staff Page for more information about all of these roles. 

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