Who can remove Staff Members?

Only Property Managers and Organization Admins can remove Staff Members’ access to Package Zen.

How to remove Staff Members

  • Go to the Staff Page ❐ in your Package Zen Web Dashboard

  • Select Actions next to the Staff Member's name

  • Select Remove Access from the dropdown menu

Can't see the "Remove Access" option? It depends on what kind of Staff Member you are

  • Team Members cannot remove other Staff Members

  • Property Managers can remove Team Members and other Property Managers. They cannot remove Organization Admins

  • Organization Admins can remove Team Members, Property Managers, and other Organization Admins

What happens next?

  • Once the Staff Member is removed, they will no longer be able to log items with the Package Zen Mobile App or log into the Package Zen Web Dashboard

  • They will still be a Person in your Dashboard, just like any other recipient at your property

  • If they are not at your property at all any more, you should make them a Former Person


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